Inspired to the Expo Milano 2015 leitmotiv, the professional category, through the "Fondazione Geometri Italiani", the Italian surveyor foundation, announced a competition addressed to surveyors enrolled in the relevant association and to apprentices to present projects, studies, creations or prototypes that deal with the Expo topics. The goal is to allow participants to spread the ecology culture by consciously participating in the protection of our Planet, in order to preserve it for the generations to come.   One of the aims of this initiative was fostering the participation, mainly among young people, through technological proposals aimed at innovation.   Italian surveyors massively participated, as they are aware that new technologies, new products and new productive processes were developed to improve well-being and life quality, and to simplify otherwise complex activities. This is a very interesting path toward future professional opportunities and it is necessary to fulfill the market needs and to pave the way to new job opportunities for the whole industry.   The competition jury selected the winning projects, which are listed below: CAT A - Milan Urban Renovation (SO) - 1° premio
Luca Miotti
CAT B - Urban Short Distribution Chain (TO) - 1° premio
Ruggero Oddone
CAT B - Historical Village Renovation (SO) - 2° premio
CG e GL Sondrio; M. Baggini; M. Bombardieri; T. Bardea; V. Semeria; M. Ortelli; M. Tognolatti; S. Confeggi
CAT B - Sustainable Eco-Village (PV) - 3° premio
L. Maggi; C. Bersani; F. Chiesa
CAT B - Sustainable Vegetable Garden House (MI) - Menzione Speciale
L. Sonzogni; A. Chiappa; R. Cesare Iori