Geometrinexpo Conference: Turning the environmental challenges into business opportunities

Beyond efficiency: the new challenge of sustainability will be to reconciliate human footprint and environment

Can surveyors turn the environmental challenges into business opportunities? This issue was dealt with the past July 21st in Milan, during the GEOMETRINEXPO Conference “Beyond efficiency: the new challenge of sustainability will be to reconciliate human footprint and environment”. The debate raised awareness on the huge opportunity that is opening for professionals: the energy and construction requalification market is 115.4 billion Euros worth, as recently estimated by CRESME. This figure goes beyond 61% of the whole industry turnover and creates expectations as the industry should take the role of main driver in the construction cycle, which is an engine for recovery that can create 1.7 million jobs. Maurizio Savoncelli, CNGeGL President, stated that “These figures demand us to create short and long term strategies aimed at redeveloping the Italian costruction heritage and at restarting the Country construction industry and economy. How? On the one hand, by making structural the ... Leggi tutto

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GEOMETRINEXPO:to re-launch the Country we transform what exists

During the International Year of Soils 2015 promoted by the UN, Italian surveyors renew their coalition with Legambiente, together with agronomists and architects; their aim is supporting RIUSO (acronym for Sustainable Urban Regeneration, meaning re-use), which is a new economic and social model bringing the human being, the human relations and the quality of life in the spotlight again.


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“My name is Francesco Viglienghi, I am a member of the Province of Lecco Association. First of all, let me congratulate you for your fantastic programme, allowing us, as surveyors, to interact with this pivotal, unmissable world event...”.


Expertise for Management

Renewable energy and urban regeneration as environmentally sustainable tools for advanced “smart” buildings planning – in collaboration with professionals and enterprises



“The evolution of the cadastral system in relation to the SIT” is the theme that has brought together the members of AGIT, the Italian Association of Topographic Surveyors, on the occasion of the 2015 General Meeting. The meeting took place on the 12th of June 2015 at the Galleria Meravigli in Milan, in the framework of the events organised "outside Expo” and within the program of GEOMETRINEXPO.


The 5 key points for surveyors to design safe environments for the supply chain
The «Dalla pianificazione igienica degli ambienti alla qualità in tavola» (From the hygienic design of environments to food quality) meeting opened the GEOMETRINEXPO series of meetings focusing on «Sviluppo sostenibile: cultura, ambiente, società. Geometri per la qualità della vita» (Sustainable development: culture, nature, society. Surveyors for a high quality of life) organised by the Consiglio Nazionale Geometri e Geometri Laureati (Italian Council of Surveyors and Surveyors holding a degree), the Cassa Italiana di Previdenza e Assistenza dei Geometri liberi professionisti (Italian Welfare and Assistance Fund for freelance Surveyors) and Fondazione Geometri Italiani (Italian Surveyor Foundation) which participate in EXPO Milan 2015 within the “La Fattoria Globale 2.0” (Global Farm 2.0). 


The Role of Surveyors for Food Quality

The conference on hygienic design of environments is the first event in the calendar