The 2015 World's fair is an exciting challenge and international showcase for the excellences of our country, not only for the ones closely related to the food sector. This is the reason why the Surveyors’ profession decided to participate through this initiative: ‘Geometri in Expo’ (‘Surveyors in Expo’).’, It offers a rich program of institutional and cultural events aiming to promote the Surveyors as key stakeholders for the development and the quality of life in our country.

Surveyors’ profession has a long and solid history behind. Thanks to a steady training and professional updating, the opening to new markets and the ability of adapting to new technologies, it represents today a real opportunity for the professional future of new generations.

Il The profession’s representation system, formed by the “Consiglio Nazionale” (National Council of Italian surveyors), the “Cassa di Previdenza” (National social security fund for surveyors) and the Foundation, promoter of the initiative ‘Geometri in Expo’, works steadily to guarantee quality and job perspectives. It also supports the Surveyors in the access to foreign markets, through the internationalization of the expertise.

Being part of EXPO Milan 2015 also means to seize the opportunity to enhance the territory in which the provincial colleges of the profession operate: from typical food productions of excellence to requalification opportunities and development of urban and rural heritage, from best practices to the creativity of the Surveyors who participated in numbers with projects, studies and prototypes to the Contest, announced on the occasion of the event.

At EXPO 2015, Surveyors will be present both within the exhibition site, by the WAA-AMIA/CONAF pavilion and in the heart of the city of Milan by the Galleria Meravigli, the extraordinary location owned by the “Cassa Geometri” (area nord-est 12).

The profession, also active in the service sector, is a key player of the event through three important operating tools: Geoweb, which develops and spread services based on Information Technology They aim to ease the professional activity of the Surveyors in their relation with the Public Administration and the creation of new job opportunities; Groma,a company that integrates the strategic management of real estate properties with the supply of a wide range of specialized services; Inarcheck that provides inspection and monitoring services of projects and works in the following sectors: architecture, civil engineering and plant engineering.


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